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Why Use BrandGuard?

Build Customer Trust

By allowing easy verification of originality, customers trust your brand and prefer purchasing your products over non-verifiable ones.

Gain Back Lost Sales

Brands implementing smart tagging systems make things tough for counterfeiters. They prefer to move on and attack non-protected brands.

Enjoy Smart Marketing

Built-in simple tracking solution allows real-time detection of distribution patterns, including illegal ones (cross-border, parallel import).

BrandGuard is China-Ready

Our application is multi-lingual, including Chinese. A special WeChat site in Chinese promotes the solution and guides Chinese customers through its features

BrandGuard’s Solution works with the standard WeChat QR reader

(Use the WeChat QR Scanner to watch the BrandGuard’s Chinese Page)

The BrandGuard Advantage

Patented QR Processing

BrandGuard’s converts standard QR-codes into smart labels by adding Cloud-based intelligence (see illustration. More in the Solution Page)

Breakthrough Pricing

For the first time in the anti-counterfeiting market, affordable, service-based pricing is offered, allowing any-size business to join in.

Recent Projects

News & Articles

Heritage protection is the main issue for French Winemakers

BÉZIERS, France — On a late evening in March, a group of winegrowers wearing black balaclavas forced their way into one of France’s largest wine brokerages and ignited three Molotov cocktails. Within minutes, the business, Passerieux Vergnes Diffusion, was in flames. Vigilante vignerons …

40 million-bottle fake French wine scam probed

French wine routed through bulk wine trading company Raphael Michel is under investigation for an alleged multi-million-pound fraud operation involving as much as 30 million liters of the alcohol. It is alleged that cheap red table wine was being relabelled and …

The rise of the QR code in China

QR codes? Those black-and-white graphics that take you to a URL when scanned with your phone. Sine 2011 they are everywhere. Brands splashed them across posters, put them in shop windows and integrated them into creative advertising. But in 2017 …

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