The most powerful QR-based authentication

By applying Cloud intelligence and unique hierarchical set of security measures,
BrandGuards is able to provides highly secure yet easy to implement solution

  • Unique Domain -, protects the solution from hackers from creating fake authentication site
  • Hologram Background prevents from easy copying of the label
  • Unique QR Code, analysed by our patented Cloud algorithm detects duplicate labels.
  • Printed Serial Number makes it easy to see duplicate labels on the same shelf

A Patented QR Analysis System

A Unique Cloud-based Algorithm

QR-code readings from multiple users are processed using a unique method which detects and records fake cases.

Using a combination of location, time and device ID of each scan, a correlation algorithm is applied to detect suspect items. The identified codes are marked down and subsequently trigger immediate alerts.

A Modern Retail Marketing Platform

  • Dynamic Mini Mobile -Site
    Online programmable mini-site provides dynamic information on product, vendor
  • Coupons and Loyalty Cards Sub-System
    Optional Built-in coupons and loyalty cards sub-system
  • Tracking and Analytics Dashboard
    Real-time feedback on distribution patterns and quantities involved.

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