BrandGuard offers a range of services covering: code generation and processing, tracking of users’ scan activity and building mobile-ready marketing campaigns

Code Generation and Processing

BrandGuard supplies encrypted series of unique codes used to create printed labels by digital printing houses.

  • Code assignment to product batch can be done pre or post label creation
  • Code files are stored encrypted and safeguarded carefully against hacking
  • BrandGuard provides printing service of labels in stickers format upon user request (customised, quoted separately)
  • Codes verified by servers are located at the Scan2Verify domain. The domain is clearly indicated when users scans a label

Interactive Tracking Tools

BrandGuard provides secured access to Tracking Console, through which vendors can view:

  • Location of scanned products
  • Whether scanned codes were detected as original or fake (copies)
  • Statistics of the scanning activity (graphical display)
  • Interactive control of displayed results:  by product, time range and production series (Batch)
  • Each scan event can be fully located on a detailed map, allowing further zoom-in

Mobile-Ready Campaign Mini Site

As part of the solution, BrandGuard provides tools or can be sub-contracted to build a campaign mini-site:

  • Mobile optimised design
  • Enables in-depth introduction of new product flavours or unique series
  • May include (special customisation) campaign tools such as Coupons
  • Provides statistics of users’ interests
  • Can be later re-designed by the customer’s team

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